Stone wool slab

Stone wool slab

Begrow stone wool slab is the basis for the root system development under hydroponic conditions. Suitable for growing vegetables, flowers and other plants in high-tech greenhouses.

Raw material is the key factor of our slabs manufacturing effectiveness. Stone wool used in the substrate manufacturing process consists of randomly arranged fibers. It allows to obtain the optimal rigid structure and extend the duration of usage in greenhouses for several seasons.

Another advantage of stone wool slab is vertically located fibers in the structure. It gives Bergow substrate better drainage properties and sets it apart from the analogues with a horizontal arrangement of fibers. It is drier than they are. Accordingly, the criteria of moisture holding capacity and process of shrinking at full wetting up meet the standards of the world’s best samples.

Begrow stone wool slabs make it possible for plant roots to grow faster than in other substrates with horizontal fibers.

Dimensions guide. Our stone wool slabs are available in both standard and special dimensions according to your request. The most popular are: 1000x200x75mm, 1000x150x100mm, 1000x200x100mm, 500x240x100mm, 500x240x120mm, 500x200x100mm and 500x200x75mm.

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Average fiber diameter
6 µm
Full immersion in water
less than 25 sec
Recommended relative humidity
Nutrient concentration
70–80 kg/m³
Pressure force at 30% deformation
6 kPa
Recovery level
more than 98% at 6 kPa
more than 95%
Fiber structure
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