Stone wool cube

Stone wool cube

The Begrow stone wool cube is designed for seedling growth. You can use it both for direct seed planting and for transplanting. If you choose the second variant, you should use the stone wool plugs for seeds germination. Then you should insert the plugs with already grown sprouts into special holes on the upper layer of the cubes.

We produce Begrow cubes from corrugated, hydrophilic stone wool with high density. It helps to preserve the substrate rigidity and mechanical stability even after getting wet. At the same time, the structure with vertical fibers and drainage channels in the lower layer of our cubes allow you to grow seedlings in low soil moisture conditions.

Our stone wool cubes help you to grow seedlings with a healthy root system featured by balanced vegetative and generative growth. It also allows you to easily manage the process of plant growth.

Dimensions guide. Our stone wool cubes are available in both standard and special dimensions according to your request. The most popular ones are: 75x75x65mm, 100x100x65mm, 150x100x65mm, 100x100x100mm, 150x150x142mm, 150x150x100mm. Holes in cubes may also differ in configurations. Standard dimensions of plug holes: 20x15mm, 25x37mm, 25x30mm

To make an order of Begrow stone wool slab, you should write to or contact our authorized distributors.


Average fiber diameter
6 µm
Full immersion in water
less than 25 sec
Recommended relative humidity
Місткість органічних речовин
80 kg/m³ +- 10%
Pressure force at 30% deformation
6 kPa
Recovery level
more than 98% at 6 kPa
more than 95%
Fiber structure
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