Stone wool plug

Stone wool plug

Begrow stone wool plug is the first stage in hi-tech hydroponic farming of vegetables, flowers and other plants cultivation. Seeds are germinated in such plugs. Then the grown sprouts are transplanted into the stone wool cubes provided with special holes together with these plugs.

The key advantage of our stone wool plugs is their structural uniformity and density. It allows to maintain uniform water and nutrient solution as well as stable pH level. Furthermore, the seed germination rate is progressively increased. And the sprouts grow the same size.

Dimensions guide. Our stone wool plugs are available in both standard and special dimensions according to your request. The most popular ones are: 20x27mm, 35x40mm, 50x40mm.

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Average fiber diameter
6 µm
Full immersion in water
less than 25 sec
Recommended relative humidity
Nutrient concentration
90 kg/m³ +- 10%
Pressure force at 30% deformation
6 kPa
Recovery level
more than 98% at 6 kPa
more than 95%
Fiber structure
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